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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  June 14, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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heine >>james: bart has canceled
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transferase service because of an early fire. the traffic impact to the morning commute is already being felt on the roads. >>george: there is already a backup with metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have even had a couple of accidents, both of which are cleared. the reason for the delay is not the accident, it is the extra traffic. 50 thousands people would normally be using bart across the bay during the commute hours. was that many more people not being able to use their primary means we have this many more cars on the favorites. the backup is already reaching the top of the 880 lamps the if 580 as part of the philosophy is backed up all the way over to the macarthur maze. there are delays for the west of rights. ice there are alternate means of transportation available for udf you could use the old flint alameda ferry service. you could also use the vallejo ferry or ac transit.
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it is possible that there will be bused bridges with ac transit to provide this service from macarthur or from 19th street stations furious fear is a live look at traffic on the stand. as he concede the issue is not so much the earlier reported problems, it is the crush of cars trying to get to the toll plaza of the bridge. the worst of it is right here at the bay bridge. and remember, if you normally to use the bridge make sure you have plenty of gas. you will have a longer the usual delays. you do not want to run out of gas while you were sitting there. alternate routes are the san mateo bridge. right now it is an easy option. you could also use the richmond san rafael bridge. that will take you over to
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101 curious if you head south on 101 you will cross the golden gate. >>darya: team coverage continuous flows off set fire happened if there the west coast of ford station. bart is trying to get this back up and running. will japan has been out there this morning, what are they telling you now? fifth >>will: with data and update from bart a few minutes ago. here is a shot, this is as close as he can get from this vantage point. the bart engineers are finally getting a full look at the damage to the platforms. according to one engineer he says it's less there's no damage to the concrete that houses the tracks. had there been damaged to the concrete it could have forced them to knock down
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the whole platform but because of the concrete, it can withstand heavy, intense heat. it looks like the concrete is fine. what will be of problems is the project itself, going about replacing a the third real and some of the insulators that were damaged from the intense heat. as many as 12 insulators. that is basically the election will power that goes into the tracks. the fact that the trains said on appear to be fine. we do not know how long that project will take. the station will be shut down for at least another couple of hours while they investigate what is going on. they are not going into a final hard time or number of days. they will only say a couple of hours as far as the
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project. if the good news is, they do have all the equipment available. nothing has to be ordered. this is something they would normally do anyway when the bart trains are not working. sometimes those insulators get damaged. they have to go to a warehouse and bring the equipment out here and then go from there. best case scenario, a couple of hours the bart trains will run again. here is a shot from ground level, it happened around to 3:00 p.m.. it was a senior center under construction. no one was hurt. fe do not know how the fire started. the fired from a got here a couple of minutes afterwards serious fear by the bushes, street lights and street lamps were burned. the fire department will be here all day just to investigate. >>darya: we provide more
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weather and traffic than any other station. we have live team coverage continuing. we will also give the updates on facebook and on our web site. keep that would be at home and their work. we will give you the latest on when this massive fire is able to be, cut out to the point of barking get out there and get the service back up and running. it does not look good. the morning commute is definitely over going from the east into san francisco. you will have to steer your way around this all morning long. >>james: and all day long. we have the was open and a giants game. let's find out more about the forecast. there also fallen the weather. >>erica: i do have some good news in the weather center. plenty of sunshine overlooking the roof camera in downtown san francisco. it is a clear start to the morning. we do have coastal fog that will burn off into the afternoon however temperatures will be cooler compared to yesterday. i will have those numbers
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and your 7 day around the bay coming up. >>james: we will take a quick break in if you're just joining us, the store you need to know is that there is no bart service across the bay. a fire near the west oakland bart station. that has shut down service in both directions from san francisco and oakland and vice versa. find another ways. many people are hitting the roads and traffic is backing up on the bay bridge. coifs off taught off but
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sphere of for lea
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>>darya: we will continue our live tv coverage and san francisco. you can see with that is doing. you can see all the people jumping in their cars. tens of thousands of commuters have a big wrench in their commute this morning. we're back with more in a couple of minutes. ♪
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>>darya: in there is no bart for service from the ec in the san francisco because of ties allotting health resource how well health share insure net wealth >> we are operating at our regular schedule. kite of the of the have service from harbor bay
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into san francisco if it first an art form to be running our regular schedule for. we're trying to get crews in early this morning during the >>darya: you do have more both the news, you just have to get people into operation? >> right. we're doing our best to get those votes of. people can go to our web sites and go to the schedule section to see what service is available. >>james: when these boats are in service, will this speed up your schedule? families find it is better not to confuse the public, we keep our regular schedule but that more boats.
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>>darya: the problem is, we have tens of thousands of people that have to either jump in their cars and use the bridges that are already jammed or they can take a bus or the ferry service. you can definitely expect thousands more. >> yes. people could take the cars, the bus or try the ferry. >> ac transit is offering free rides for people that show they have a bart ticket that they would have normally taken but they're using ac transit as an alternative. is the ferry service doing anything similar? >> we do require a siri ticket. >>darya: we appreciate you joining us. that is another way to a boy is the bay bridge traffic cops costs ac transit buses
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will give you a free ride if you show your bart ticket. >>james: we are anticipating similar scenes for the other bridges. >>george: early activation of the metering lights and a live look from sky 4, you can actually see where the back of begins. this is the 880 approach to the bridge. it is already backed up to the toll plaza. this is the 58880 approach coming in from the macarthur maze into the east shore freeway. you can see that we're already backed up nearly to berkeley curve. as we move back towards the berkeley curved santa the flyover from interstate 580, that is it. this is traffic coming out of the macarthur maze. it is already backed up on
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to the flyover. here is the berkeley curve coming out of emeryville. we are backed up there as well. this is the east shore freeway. decency coming from powell streets which is here, traffic is already backed up the powell street in the right hand lanes for the was felt right. this beads are still a little better than they are likely to be later on. the drive times are still at about 20 minutes from the time you hit the back of but expect that to continue to grow. more and more slow traffic as we continue to move up the east shore freeway. the backup is going to continue to grow and likely slow going all the way down from university avenue and likely from the golden gate fields in the westbound direction. some major delays. what are your options? if you do not want to drive the bay bridge, you can use some of the alternate modes
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of transportation. as we heard, there will likely be extra boats and extra capacity at the regularly scheduled times for the alameda-old with siri. the ac transit, you can catch from the 19th street station or the macarthur station. there is the possibility of us bridges from bart. taking a look at some of your other alternates like they're right from the san mateo bridge, so far, the ride on 880 from 92 is without delay. that may be a better choice if you are coming out of san leandro. if you're coming from the north bay you may want to consider using the richmond san rafael rich in the westbound direction siri that will connect you with 101 southbound leading to the golden gate. scotts >>james: let's get the latest from the scene of the fire itself. the fire has now forced the
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closure of bart service across the state. will durant is at the scene with the latest. >>will: the fire department has turned over the platform to the engineers. they have been there for the past 35-45 minutes for to get a close look at the damage. we know that there is damage to the insulators and basically the electrical unit, the electrical power that runs through the tracks to make sure that the trains can run past the west oakland station. the two tracks that the trains sit on do not appear to be damaged despite the intense towering flames. joining me now is bart spokesperson jim allison. he has been busy with its engineers getting updates. they are still on the platform at this time. is there damage to the concrete platform itself? there does not appear to be damage to the concrete platform. the main issue we're looking
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at is eight 34,000 v line that runs to the power substation that that provides power to the third rail. they want to make sure that the test that and make sure it is safe to reenergize that totally before we can get power restored to the third rail. slow >> how long for those sitting at home today we talk in their car or, do they wait to see if sarkozy is run again? >> my suggestion to people is for right now, plan on using something other than bart to get across the days until we can get a cool damage estimates and test everything to make sure we know how much we need to replace her. >>will: how long do you think the testing itself will take? >> that is difficult to say. one of the issues we are dealing with, the pg&e power poles. they have to get the cruise adhere to remove that. there is a danger that they could topple onto the
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tracks. obviously we cannot run trains until those power poles are removed safely. this fall >> we will leave you with his shot. the flames were so intent they knocked down a four story senior center that was under construction. it melted street signs and burned bush's. across the street there, you can see that it left a lake with all of the water that had to be used. >>james: are officially saying that they have no estimate on when the service will be restored. >>darya: when you're looking at a firefighter cleanup and bart having to do their work and pdt having to do their work, as many viewers are telling us, not only are they trying dictograph how to get from the east bay to san francisco, many of them are jumping in their cars, let you do on your way home.
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no trans the bart service this morning. we will be right back. first of this sphere taft
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meant i to >>darya: a fire has knocked out bart service from the space san francisco. there are no bart trains running between oakland and san francisco scanned maybe
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even for the evening commute. it is a story we're giving you coverage on. tens of thousands of people are driving, jamming up the bay bridge. we will be back in a minute. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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>>james: our breaking news story is out of the same. a fire at the west oakland the bart station. bart has canceled all translates service. there is no service between oakland and san francisco. tracks are close at west oakland and track street. the ferries and buses are all trying that extra service to accommodate the 50,000 people that normally take part across the bay. that will still on to everyone's commute today.
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>>darya: george rask has the latest on what we are seeing. the bay bridge is picking up the slack. how long he's really is? >>george: we are building and over 20 minutes, especially out of the macarthur maze. this is a familiar shot. this would normally be familiar at seven-7:30 a.m.. the metering lights have been activated for nearly 45 minutes. we have had a backup for that long. here is the rest of the story pc if take a look at the back of. this is interstate 5 is easier the task force and to change. the backup now reaches beyond highway 24. normally, as we watch this and we will see the lanes here be the most backed up. they will split off interstate 80. those are the lanes that are rolling clearly. it is all of this traffic here that is heading towards the bay bridge. that is where the big backup
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is. here is the 880 approach coming in from an immense. we are solidly backed up as he tried to get into the macarthur maze in get from the east shore freeway as well which is backed up the be on the powell street trying to get down to the toll plaza. clearly, most commuters this morning that are not taking part and are instead driving are headed for the bay bridge. are some other alternates. you could use the san mateo bridge. you can also use the ferry service from oakland harbor bay islands or the oakland alameda ferry or the harbor bay island ferry or the vallejo ferry. ac transit from 12th street or macarthur and there is a possibility the barge could find some buses to make available from other stations. specifically, if you are driving this morning you could be using southbound 880 to westbound 92.
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that is a much better option than the bay bridge. so is their right across the richmond san rafael bridge carrying you over to marin county. if you take that route, you have a clear shot on the 101 southbound and a clear shot to the golden gate bridge as well serious sphere, you can see traffic is lighter than usual. if you normally drive the bay bridge, if that is your normal route this morning, if you're coming out of the kindle area you may want to consider not going to the the bridge this morning but instead using it richmond san rafael bridge to take you to 101. some act of >>george: with backups as they are, now at the time for people to start making a choice for the alternate, especially the people that are driving.
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the san mateo bridge and perhaps the dumbarton bridge or the richmond-san rafael to the golden gate. >>darya: let's go live to the source of the problem. it is a smoldering. this is where we have to make the repairs at the was oakland bart station. will tran has been there from the start and gives us an update on the situation. >>will: here is the this particular area that bart engineers are focusing on. you can see the damage to the place itself into the ground below. that is the senior center that caught on fire. scutes towering flames went up and damaged a third real in this particular section as well as 12 insulators that run 34,000 v to make sure that the trains are able to go through. the good news to pass along, bart basically dodged a major bullet because those tracks obviously sit on a platform itself.
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the concrete was not compromised. costs if did withstand the heat. they do not have to knock down the platform. all they have to do is bring in extra supplies, which they have readily available at their warehouse. how long the product itself will take to remove the insulators and fix the third real, they do not know at this time but they have said that it would take hours. heiss vote with bart spokesman jim allison and i asked, it would if you have to work at 11 cfs -- 11 a.m. or new coffin get on board at that time and he said, i would just tell people right now, plan on alternate routes flight series or buses. as many as 50,000 people go through here every day. as many people through here as on the bay bridge itself. this could not have happened at a worse place. it crippled commute from san francisco to and from oakland.
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fortunately, engineers to have access to the place and it is now fully available to them because the fire is out. it has been turned over to the bart engineers. it looks like it will be here for quite some time. there is no destination on when this whole thing will be completed. >>darya: we do know that ac transit is allowing you on the bus for free if you show your bart ticket the problem is, if you wait until you get just before the transkei ride in and take the bus and, those of buses are backing up already. you might be better off starting out your bus ride before those stations. one other thing. >>darya: have we seen an army of the pg&e workers or bart workers to get this
6:37 am
done as fast as possible? >>will: id seeds eugenia workers making sure the power does not get out of control and damaged homes. as far as bart workers with heavy equipment, that has not been brought in. that is because the ground is being controlled by the fire department. once they back up just a bit, that is when they will allow the heavy equipment to roll in character now, all we see our engineers scary it fortunately, this will not take long as far as getting the supplies, they are located in a warehouse. repairs would normally be done overnight when parties are now working furiously laws they have this analyze fifth probably does have to make a phone call and trucks will come out with those insulators >>darya: there is still a lot of work. no service from the east bay and san francisco this morning.
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>>erica: it looks like the weather is the bright spot this morning. we do have cloud cover along the coastline up for the most part not as overcasts as yesterday. a good mix of '50s. as we look ahead, expect cooler conditions into the afternoon. the warm-up begins tomorrow. as we head into the weekend to be flirting with triple digits. a look at your afternoon highs into the 7 day around the bay coming up in a little bit. the kron4 news will be right back. such an
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>>james: a breaking news story, bart has canceled transkei's service. no trains because her high and and a hot area that is
6:42 am
what is left of our fire scene. a fire broke out early this morning near the west oakland bart station damaging some of the bart tracks that run basically right above what is left of a senior center that was under construction. islam right hand side, a live look at sky 4. ducks some 50,000 ft. will lead to the fort across the bay are now having to find other ways of getting around this morning. >>justine: one of the ways happens to be a ferry service. we posted on facebook is scheduled at we thought might be helpful. if you want to know how to get where you need to go if you cannot use the transkei bart service. we have gotten a few comments on. take a look. there are a few more comments that i will be reading coming up at 7:00
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>>darya: we are in the heart of the problem commute, because of this sapphira auction, and i are not the circus from the cafe in san francisco. we have tens of thousands of people jamming the bay bridge. there are jammed into the buses as well and ac transit tried to make their way from the east bay in san francisco. here is a live shot of the backup. george rask is in the traffic center taking a look at the extended drive times. >>darya: we have seen how long the backups are, they are only going to get worked. >>george: this is the view of the approach coming in from 80. this is the dvd flyover in the westbound direction. this is the 580 connection
6:47 am
point leading into the macarthur maze. 880, it is rare to see a fact that at this time of the morning. this is not the result of any stars or accidents, it is a result of early activation of the metering lights into the extra cars of a toll plaza. the metering lights this worked highs on at 5:45 a.m., is full 30 minutes ahead of their normal activities is time. this is the heart of the whole plaza. the biggest problem right now is the cast -- cash transaction. fastrak waves are able to move through. there are new problems across the stands. the problem is the approach to the bridge serious is the look at the space between the metering lights and the toll plaza. in a hard back up we would see all of this area completely filled in. how this is definitely a result of a crunch of cars hitting the average earlier
6:48 am
did usual. how we have adequately to all the way for the macarther maze on 580 in google's 880 is a backup all are around will soar freeway where the slow traffic began well before powell street is emeryville serious this was see if you are a regular favor of a commuter, i think about using some alternates like the richmond the san rafael bridge which is still a pretty easy ride in both westbound direction. no delays for southbound highway 101. another option would be to take highway 92 south across the the san mateo bridge and then take that north. if your destination was the u.s. open this morning, that would be a better way to go. you can still go to millbrae and attached are of to the call the station where they will still be running some of us is. if you take the north bay of routes, evil and that at the golden gate bridge. traffic is already for half a little heavier here in
6:49 am
the southbound direction of a still in left a letter of some of the favorites. fee if you do not feel like driving, here are some of your other options this morning. there is ferry service available from vallejo and alameda. hah and there are two boards stations served by ec transit. 19th street in macarthur states since the ads we are still hopeful that the bart may be able to find some additional buses to supplement their service serious >>james: we saw an official sweet from far as they said train services field the likely restored by the afternoon and were -- by the afternoon commute. you spoke with the spokesperson who would not commit to any type of time
6:50 am
frame. he is still not committing. right now they do not know the extent of damage. they do not have full access as far as ground level is concerned. the rails that the trains said on our fine. west oakland is not available to the thousands of bart commuters. look at the back of on a 80 northbound. it is already slow and go. 6:50 a.m., bumper to bumper traffic.
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>> i have not heard any direct information, i do know that our crews are assessing damage, still. there was an electrical issued looking at. we want to make sure that when we turn the electricity back on if we do not exacerbate the problem and create further damage which is a real possibility. >>will: how long will the tests to take and how long will the project take? >> the best thing for us to do right now is to not speculate that this simply say that the morning rush hour is out of the question in terms of transit service. 43 of our stations are open but the was oakland station is closed. people could check on the our web site or all of our twitter feed that we will
6:52 am
keep them up-to-date in an official way. tough >>will: fortunately we got an update from one of the engineers that tells me, the conference platform, that was not damaged at they do not have to knock it down. they only need to make short 56 in the insulators and a the third real but as far as the heavy lifting it will not be the platform itself. scoff >>james: has jim heard from oakland fire as to when his guys will get full access? >>will: in detail when the oakland fire department might turn over this scene to you? six >> i do not know. i have not had much chance to talk to the oakland police or fire department. i am not sure, but we have
6:53 am
all hands on that right now. we are ready to move in when it is said to be so. will family concede the engineers still walking. i have to quickly tell you, the oakland fire department came over and said they do not have an official cause of the fire but they are asking people, if they saw any suspicious activity around this area around to 3:00 p.m., i asked if so she thought it was intentionally set and she said, you can read between the lines. >>darya: we're going to break away from our special coverage just for a quick minute of weather. we are looking at a difference in temperatures today compared to all we're looking for for the weekend. >>erica: as we headed to the weekend we could get close to the triple digits. by 12:00 today, 70's for the
6:54 am
heart of the bay squeezing out some '80s for our warmest inland areas. thoughtful as yet visit to 3:00 p.m. we will see red trickling in. i do believe that will stick out of our forecasted area. in terms of the 7 day around the bay forecast it looks like today will mean we see mid-80s inland, low seventies around the lake and 60s for the coast. as we head into the weekend will be flirting with some of the. we'll take a quick break for the kron4 news will be right back stereophonic fact ♪
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